PRESIDENT: Stan Honnery                                    SECRETARY: Deborah Patterson


Welcome to the National Bull Terrier Council (Australia) (NBTCA) website.

The NBTC(A) was formed in 1987 by a group of Bull Terrier enthusiasts who saw the need for an organisation to unite the breed in Australia

The NBTC(A) represents the interests of the Bull Terriers and Bull Terriers (Miniature) through the authority of the 9 Bull Terrier/Bull Terriers (Miniature) Clubs in Australia.

Our responsibility is to provide a platform for the education of breeders and to advance and protect the interests of the breed through events and education at a national level.


NBTC(A) Provides:


* A platform for the discussion of any issue of relevance across state borders.

* A voice for Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier (Miniature) enthusiasts at national forums hosted by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).

* Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier (Miniature) Club members a voice to have matters elevated to the NBTC(A) for discussion and/or action subject to the support of his/her Club.

* The capacity, through National events, to bring together Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier (Miniature) enthusiasts from Australia and overseas, to showcase the breed and discuss contemporary issues with like minded people.


Past NBTC Presidents 


Mr Michael Plane (NSW) 

1987 – 1990 

Mr James Watkiss (WA) 

1990 – 1992 

Mr Paul Hudson (Vic) 

1992 – 1994 

Mr Rob Cook (Qld) 

1994 – 1999 

Mr Lance Stephenson (Qld) 

1999 – 2000

Mr Vin Healand (Vic) 

2000 - 2006

Mr Paul Berman (NSW)

2006 -  2017

Mrs Sharelle Humphrey (Vic) 2017 - 2019
Mrs Di Cross (ACT) 2019 - 2023
Mr Stan Honnery (WA) 2023 - 

Past NBTC Secretarys 


Mr Steve Isaacs (NSW)

1987 – 1990

Mrs Shirley Watkiss (WA) 

1990 – 1992 

Ms Alison Sutcliffe (Vic)

1992 – 1994 

Mrs Di Cross (NSW) 

1994 – 2003 

Mr Norm Jessup (Vic) 

2003 - 2006 

Mrs Di Cross (NSW)

2006 -  2017

Mrs Chevaun Haseldine (SA) 2017 - 2023
Mrs Deborah Patterson (Vic) 2023 - 


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